Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I order today, when will I receive my order?

A: We offer a variety of shipping options. Your order arrival will depend on which option you choose.

USPS Priority

UPS Ground

UPS 2-Day

UPS Overnight

Q: Where can I submit photos of my hunts with a Patternmaster tube?

A: We'd love to see your success with our tubes! Feel free to submit any pictures you have to our social media pages.

Instagram: @official_patternmaster

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Patternmaster/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScienceOfShot

Q: How do I become a Patternmaster® Dealer?

A: You will need to submit a New Dealer Information Request which is found on our Become a Dealer link at the bottom of the page.


Q: I hunt a specific type of bird, but you only list Duck, Goose, etc. Will these tubes still work?

A: Our tubes are named for their intended game usage, but that doesn't limit them to only those types of game. You will find that they're extremely versatile.

Q: The Code Black Timber, Decoy, Upland, and Pigeon tubes have the same description. What are the differences with these tubes?

A: These tubes are the same in design and are named according to the areas they are used in.

Q: Can I use bismuth, tungsten, and steel shot with your tubes?

A: Yes! The only exception is we do not recommend steel with Patternmaster Code Black Turkey and Anaconda Striker tubes.

Q: I'm interested in becoming a member of the Field Staff, where can I find more information?

A: If interested in becoming a team member of our Field Staff, you can contact us through our Instagram© page.

Q: I'm located in a different country, how can I get a Patternmaster tube?

A: As of right now we do not offer international shipping, so we recommend that you use our Dealer Locator to find the retailer closest to you.


Q: I see the descriptions for the Code Black and Classic tubes are nearly identical, what makes them different from one another?

A: The Code Black and Classic tubes are the same in design, with the main difference being the coating (Classic has a silver or black finish, whereas the Code Black has a bronze finish, and the Code Black Snow Plow tubes have a silver finish and strong bond white powder coat).

Q: I use 1700 FPS ammunition, will that be okay in your tubes?

A: Patternmaster and Ballistics Performance, LLC has put the tubes through an enormous amount of testing. We have found that ammunition running faster than 1550fps will not perform as well as slower ammunition. Patternmaster tubes, with the patented stud ring, are designed to grab the base of the plastic wad in your ammo and hold it for a millisecond while the shot leaves the barrel ahead of the wad. When ammo is running faster than 1550fps, the studs do not get a chance to engage on the plastic wad, in turn reducing the effectiveness of the tube and increasing the pattern size.

Q: My current Patternmaster tube seems to thread into other guns, is it safe to swap it over?

A: If your current tube is not listed for the specific gun you're using, you can contact us Via phone at 1(877)388-2259 to verify. We recommend only using tubes designed specifically for your gun.

Q: My friend and I have the same guns and Patternmaster tubes using the same ammunition, but we're seeing different patterns. What gives?

A: No two firearms are identical. Every gun/tube/ammunition combination could perform differently. We recommend testing out different combinations to see what performs best for your specific scenario.

Q: I really want one of these tubes but I have heard rumors that they have a tendency to loosen up and back out of the barrel. If this is true has the problem been fixed?

A: Due to the twist on ammo when it hits the patented Patternmaster stud ring, there may be a loosening of the tube. We recommend using white Teflon plumbers/pipe tape on the threads before installation or your favorite brand of tube lube.

Q: I see you have Black Cloud tubes; are these the only tubes I can use Black Cloud ammunition with?

A: You can use Black Cloud ammunition with Patternmaster tubes designed for steel shot.

Q: Why can I not use steel shot with your turkey tubes?

A: Steel doesn't compress and there's no steel shot small enough to pass through without causing damage to the tube.