Frequently Asked Questions

A: The visual difference is the color. Classic tubes are either Silver or Black Nitride. Code Black tubes are Bronze Titanium. Code Black tubes are “Game Specific” meaning: when you go into a store and you need a choke tube for Goose Hunting, Patternmaster Code Black Goose is what you will want. Makes it easier to decide. There is no difference in performance between a Code Black Goose and a Classic Extended. The same goes for Code Black Duck and Classic Long Range. Code Black Timber, Upland, Decoy, and Pigeon are the same, performance wise, as the Classic Short Range.
A: There is no difference. Code Black tubes are “Game Specific” so if you hunt the timber in Arkansas you will want the Timber tube. If you always shoot within your decoy set-up then you will want the Decoy tube. But, if you have a Timber tube and want to hunt over decoy…you are all set!
A: Patternmaster patented tubes that have a “Stud Ring” to hold the wad for a millisecond; we do not use constriction to control patterns. Patterns are controlled by the length of the shot shell and the length the tube extends outside the barrel.
A: Please see tab at the bottom of the home screen on our website labeled "Become a Dealer". Click the tab, fill out the form and submit. Someone from Patternmaster will be in touch.
A: Patternmaster has open applications for Field Staff beginning mid-December of each year. The application process will close around the end of January and selection completed by March 31. Watch social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for the announcements.
A: Absolutely! You can shoot anything except Slugs through Patternmaster tubes!
A: I can tell you what patterns I get with the SX4, but that doesn’t mean you will get the same results. Gun/Choke/Ammo combinations depend on several variables such ammunition lot, environment, and manufacturer production tolerances. The same gun with the same tube and same ammo will perform different in Pennsylvania than in Texas. Believe me, we have tried it! When you are talking patterns on a paper target you will see results similar to a Full constriction choke pattern. But, paper targets do not show that the shot stays together for more down range energy. You want to see that then you will need to shoot a duck on the water with your constriction tube and then with a Patternmaster. Big difference!
A: The best place to start is the Patternmaster TubeFinder located on our website or on our FREE app. Select your gun manufacturer, then select the model of the shotgun, from there you can Experience the Science of shot by choosing the Patternmaster tube category you are interested in such as Classic, Code Black, Anaconda, Anaconda Shooting Sport Series, or Black Cloud. If you own a Benelli or Beretta shotgun you may want to check the measurement information on the blueprint to make sure that you have chosen the correct tube.
A: Patternmaster does not choose favorites! We love the all! As long as the ammunition contains a plastic or fiber wad and the velocity is no more than 1650fps then the ammo will perform. We prefer ammunition velocities at 1550 or below for best performance. Slugs are not recommended.
A: Yes! As long as the Black Cloud ammunition contains Federal’s Flight Control FLEX wad then you are good to go!
A: Patternmaster will ship anywhere on this planet as long as it is not prohibited by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC).
A: Patternmaster has put their tubes through an enormous amount of testing. We have found that ammunition running faster that 1550fps will cause the choke not to perform as advertised. Patternmaster chokes, with the patented stud ring, are designed to grab the base of the plastic wad in your ammo and hold it for a millisecond while the shot gets out ahead of the wad. When ammo is running faster than 1550fps, the studs do not get a chance to engage on the plastic wad, therefore, making them useless.
A: Shot size plays a factor in pattern. Small shot size will throw a more open pattern. To tighten the pattern use a larger shot size along with the suggestions below.
For a FULL pattern we suggest combinations of the following:
Classic Long Range or Code Black Duck with a 2 3/4” or 3” shell
If you prefer a 3 1/2” shell use the Classic Extended or Code Black Goose (You will get a full pattern using 3” or 2 3/4” shells with the Extended and Goose tube as well)

For a MODIFIED pattern we suggest the following combinations:
Classic Long Range or Code Black Duck with a 3 1/2” shell

For an IMPROVED CYLINDER pattern we suggest the following:
Classic Short Range or Code Black Decoy, Timber, or Upland with any length shell.
A: Flight Control wads have changed in the last year or two. Federal’s flight control wads have now become “Flight Control Flex” wads in their Black Cloud shells. With this change, there have been no issues using this new shell with Patternmaster tubes containing stud rings (Classic & Code Black tubes). We highly recommend it!
Winchester’s Blindside “Diamond Cut” wads have not changed and we still do not recommend using this type of ammunition with Patternmaster tubes containing a stud ring due to the cuts of the wad catching on the stud ring and causing a barrel obstruction.