Non-Profit Fundraisers

  1. Patternmaster will supply event materials:
    • Two (2) T-shirts (size determined by requestor)
    • Two (2) Patternmaster fitted hats (size determined by requestor)
    • Two (2) Patternmaster Choke Tube certificates at a discounted price for hosting organization to sell at suggested retail price or auction. Certificates allow attendees to choose the tube they need.
    • A Catalog, brochures, price list/order form, and stickers.
  2. Non-Profit Host Organization requirements:
    • a. Organization will mail or fax a signed document that includes:
      • Event Point of Contact (POC) information to include: Name, Phone Number(s), Address, and Email Address.
      • Details for the event such as date, time, place, hosting organization, non-profit beneficiary, and approximate number of attendees.
      • Non-Profit Tax ID number.
      • Notify Patternmaster of (2) T-Shirt sizes (Large - 3XLarge) and (2) Hat sizes (M/L or L/XL)
    • Arrange for payment to Patternmaster Chokes, LLC for tube certificates. Payment can be made by credit card by calling Patternmaster or send a check in the amount of $110. (Patternmaster will hold check until after the event) Once the document and payment is received, Patternmaster will send the event materials to the POC address.
    • Attempt to sell at least two (2) additional tubes during the event. Organizers take orders during the event charging attendees "suggested" retail price ($70 to $100 depending on the tube). Within 10 days after the event, one mass order is placed to Patternmaster. The order will require a credit card or check for the total amount of tubes at Non-Profit price ($47 to $65 depending on the tube). If paying by check, Patternmaster will wait for it to clear before order is shipped. There is no limit to the amount of tubes the organization sells. Each tube sold has the potential to benefit the cause by $35 (amount determined by event sponsor). Place mass order for Patternmaster tubes by calling 1-877-388-2259.
    • Requestor must send photos of the event to gallery@patternmaster.com
    • Link Patternmaster website (www.patternmaster.com) to the organizers website and mention Patternmaster in any print material pertaining to the event.

Tubes sold to benefit the event will be the responsibility of the event sponsor to distribute. Patternmaster Chokes will ship order to one individual. Shipping charges will not be applied.

Click here to download a printable copy of the Patternmaster Non-Profit Fundraising Programing