Patternmaster - The Science of Shot

The Science of Shot

The Science of Shot

The Science of Shot

The Science of Shot

The Science of Shot

The Science of Shot

The Science of Shot is our way of saying that we are different. Patternmaster is the world’s only non-constrictive choke tube. Patternmaster is able to achieve substantially more energy on target through the continued development of our patented wad-stripping technology. Our most integral key to success is our stud ring. The exact placement of this stud ring within the tube stops the wad for a millisecond but allows the shot to continue without impediment. By stopping the wad, even for a split second, we are able to tighten the shot string as much as 80%. This enables our hunters to achieve mind-blowing accuracy and truly superior knock down power at distances most would think impossible.

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All Tubes are NOT created equal.

The secret is the studs inside Patternmaster®. They slow the wad for a fraction of a second and as it pauses the shot charge leaves the barrel undisturbed by the wad and gasses. By taking the wad and gasses out of the equation, Patternmaster® delivers beautiful, even, dense patterns with all loads and shot sizes.

Our patented Stud Ring™ is in all Patternmaster Classic tubes and Code Black Duck, Goose, Upland, Decoy, Timber, and Big Games tubes.

Who Builds Your Tube?

Patternmaster is the culmination of a single goal and three partners - Larry Leutenegger, a master gunsmith and machinist; Mike See, a hunter and farmer; and Jerry Poe, a purchasing agent and business manager. Approximately 20 years ago, these three pioneers revolutionized the wing shooting world with U.S. Patent #5,452,535 and Patternmaster was born. The idea was simple enough - create a more effective shotgun pattern - and they did it with a relatively simple but brilliant idea. The Science of Shot is what we like to call it.

Thank you for considering Patternmaster.


Over 20 years of research and testing make Patternmaster Classic the finest shotgun tube ever created. All tubes in the Patternmaster Classic feature our patented wad-stopping stud ring and will shorten your shot-string by up to 80%!

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Code Black

We created the Code Black line of tubes for the world’s most serious hunters. All Code Black tubes are titanium-coated and finished in matte-bronze for a distinct look that will help you create a mass casualty event!

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Anaconda SSS

Our engineers and machinists understand more about manipulating gases, wads, powder and shot than anybody in the world. Also, we have all these U.S. patents just laying around in the summer-time. So we figured-Let’s use 'em and build the world's best clays tubes - and the result is the Anaconda Shooting Sports Series features our patented Coil Zone™ technology. We hope you enjoy wearing out the competition as much as we did building and testing these animals!

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The Anaconda Gas-Over-Constriction series features our patented Coil Zone™ technology, which forces gasses into channels and creates a strangle-hold around the shot-wad. This feature, together with left-twisting coils, ensures the tube stays secure. Counter-spin between the load and coils applies resistance to the wad, forcing a tighter pattern when the load exits the barrel.

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Accessories and Apparel

All new hats and shirts for 2015! Patternmaster T-shirts are 100% cotton and come in a variety of colors from small to 3X (and are TSA-approved). Window decals and barrel stickers will show your friends that you're one of the world's most serious hunters. Our full line of tube wrenches will keep your tubes tight and keep you in the game longer.

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