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The Science of Shot started here in 1993. Made from made with Carpenter Custom 630 (aircraft quality) 17-4ph stainless steel and are heat treated to the optimum level for best performance.

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Created for the world’s most serious hunters. The Code Black line of tubes incorporates quality and technology of Pattermaster Classic with a non-reflective bronze titanium coating.

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Patternmaster Anaconda’s “Gas-Over-Constriction Technology” and a patented “Coil Zone” spun in a negative twist to harness the expelled gases and stabilize the wad for even, consistent patterns and keep it tight in your barrel.

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All Tubes are NOT Created Equal.

Science is what sets Patternmaster apart. Our patented technologies will reduce your shot string by up to 80%, increasing your knockdown power and changing the way you hunt.

Over 20 years of research and testing make Patternmaster Classic the finest shotgun tube ever created. All tubes in the Patternmaster Classic feature our patented wad-stopping stud ring and will shorten your shot-string by up to 80%!
We created the Code Black line of tubes for the world’s most serious hunters. All Code Black tubes are titanium-coated and finished in matte-bronze for a distinct look that will help you create a mass casualty event!
The Anaconda Gas-Over-Constriction series features our patented Coil Zone™ technology, which forces gasses into channels and creates a strangle-hold around the shot-wad. This feature, together with left-twisting coils, ensures the tube stays secure. Counter-spin between the load and coils applies resistance to the wad, forcing a tighter pattern when the load exits the barrel.