Patternmaster Science of Shot

The Science of Shot is our way of saying that we are different. Patternmaster is the world’s only non-constrictive choke tube. Patternmaster is able to achieve substantially more energy on target through the continued development of our patented wad-stripping technology. Our most integral key to success is our stud ring. The exact placement of this stud ring within the tube stops the wad for a millisecond but allows the shot to continue without impediment. By stopping the wad, even for a split second, we are able to tighten the shot string as much as 80%. This enables our hunters to achieve mind-blowing accuracy and truly superior knock down power at distances most would think impossible.

The secret is the studs inside Patternmaster®. They slow the wad for a fraction of a second and as it pauses the shot charge leaves the barrel undisturbed by the wad and gasses. By taking the wad and gasses out of the equation, Patternmaster® delivers beautiful, even, dense patterns with all loads and shot sizes.

Our patented Stud Ring is in all Patternmaster Classic tubes and Code Black Duck, Goose, Upland, Decoy, Timber, and Big Games tubes.

science of shot barrel
  • A. Gases from the burning powder expand the wad base to create a tight seal, then propel the wad down the barrel.
  • B. The wad's expanded base hits the studs inside the Patternmaster® tube and stops for a millisecond. The shot charge continues out of the muzzle, undisturbed by the wad or gases.
  • C. The wad exits the barrel a few milliseconds later.
Shot spread graphic

* Shot string image data recorded 20 feet from muzzle

Cutaways with lines

Note the position of the "stud ring", and the difference in the amount of the wad that protrudes past the end of the barrel. This determines the range of the tube and the spread of the pellets.