Andrew Kanik

McLeansboro, IL

I grew up going turkey hunting and bird hunting with my grandpa around our farm in Southern Illinois in my younger years. As I grew up I got involved in other hobbies that didn’t allow me to go with him as much, my junior year of high school I was invited to Canada goose hunt with some older guys I knew, from then I was hooked on honkers. I started hunting small farm ponds around home. Soon after I learned to call and began traveling around the southern part of the state with my close buddies chasing ducks and geese. College brought new places and states to hunt in as well with friends I made there. I still try to turkey hunt with my grandpa when he feels like going and I enjoy that time but nothing gets me quite as excited a morning of waterfowl season with my buddies running through the water in a boat at 4 am, setting the spread and watching retrievers picking up our birds. In the off season I enjoy the time I spend with my two retrievers gearing them toward the next season.